Friday, March 21, 2008


As I said in my first post, this blog was a trial run to see if I could manage to do it justice. I've concluded that I can't. It's not so much the posting, but the fact that I can't get around to visit y'all's sites and see what you have to say. Since blogging for me is a social activity, it's the equivalent of sitting in a room and talking continuously, and not listening to what anyone else has to say.

I do have another blog, a non-anonymous one for family and friends, and maintaining the two sites is beyond my dialup, homeschooling, Dilly-regulated world. I've had such a good time discovering all of you and hate to leave the party. I'll drop back in now and then. Meanwhile, continue to be funny and thoughtful and don't ever send wedding invitations -- unless you *specify* that it's a save-the-date -- by Facebook. Thus shall you have a blessed life.

Thanks for all!

-- Mairzy

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Miss Mairzy Does Not Approve

I'm not a great fan of Facebook. The constant busyness makes my head buzz. About once a month, I log on and take care of all the friend requests, group invitations, and Fun Applications that I can't play with, having dialup.

Facebook sank to a new low ranking on my list when I got a notice in the other day:

Jessica has invited you to the event "Kevin and Jessica's Wedding"

Event: Jessica & Kevin's Wedding
"Once in a lifetime"
What: Ceremony
Host: Jessica & Kevin
When: Sunday, August 24 at 11:00am
Where: Grace Community Chapel

To see more details and RSVP, follow the link below:

I'll go bury my head and pretend I never saw it.

Nice Try

August found a quarter and stuck it in the back pocket of my jeans.

"I inserted a coin," he said. "Are you going to dance now?"

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How Was Your Question Popped?

A cousin of August's just got engaged. His proposal was sweet, but not my style. Not that he consulted me. Many of my friends' husbands went all out for the event: one arranged to have a third party turn on a CD player so there was a soundtrack. Another actually had a family member videotape it, which violates all my notions of proper romance.

August's proposal, on the other hand, was like most everything he does: simple and to the point. We hadn't seen one another for an entire month, and he surprised me with a visit sooner than I was expecting him. We went to a house and garden that was open to the public but deserted on that particular day. (August of course didn't bribe the owners to turn everyone else away. Probably.) Did I know what was up? Well, yes. I even knew the spot where he was going to take me -- beside the lake with the weeping willow -- because we'd spent a lot of time there on previous trips.

So when we got to the enclosed courtyard with the fountain, I was unprepared when August knelt down in front of me. He condensed the question into, oh, two sentences. My answer was one word, but it was the right one. We lived happily ever after and got married two months later.

So I started wondering what sort of proposal story others have. If you don't mind sharing, how did you Get the Question? Or was it an understood thing that never formally got Asked? Or did you, flouting convention, Ask Him? It's a grey midwinter day here and I've got a cold, so I need some romance to brighten the day.

Friday, March 7, 2008

What Mairzy Did

Okay, y'all. I was in the library, and who should be ringing up my fines but the China-traveling librarian that we'd thought about asking for dessert. I hestitated. I pretended I didn't notice the opportunity. But I could hear y'all behind me: "Come on, just ask her. You're the one who was going on about 'lost social relics.' It won't hurt you. She'll be pleased! Go for it!" (By the way, you need to keep your voices down in the library.)

So I said, "This may seem a bit odd, but my husband and I would love to hear more about your trip to China. Would you like to come over for dessert some evening?"

She stared at me, then called security and hit me with pepper spray.

Not really. She looked surprised, pleased, and said she'd talk to her husband about it. It'll probably be after Easter, as we're both rather busy till then. And it might not come off... but hey! I did it!

(Applause is appropriate here.)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Sickness -- Hurray!

Ladybug is sick again. She's lying on the couch having the stomach-bug equivalent of a celebratory party.

"Ooohh!" (Moaning with her eyes closed, but checking our reaction through a tiny slit of eye.) "I'm really, really sick. I need to go to the hospital!"

"You don't have a fever, honey. You're not sick enough to go the hospital."

"I AM sick enough! I won't last the night! Tomorrow you won't have me with you anymore!"

"Would you like some water? And I'll pray for you."

"I won't last the the night, I tell you!"

Daddy prays for her, during which she moans pathetically. Then he announces it's storytime (the usual bedtime routine). Ladybug moans louder.

"I won't last through storytime!"

At August's request, I'm going to Google the symptoms of appendicitis. But we think that involves a fever and pain, not an upset stomach and a dramatic six-year-old.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Further Questioning

Yes, yes, I should be writing, not blogging. Stop nagging.

So my highly unofficial findings indicate that we assume that nice people look something like ourselves. Interesting. Here's my next question: How do we imagine beautiful people? (Assuming we don't consider ourselves the epitome of beauty.) Below is a quick sketch -- primarily dialogue, because anytime I sit down with two characters they can talk for pages without actually accomplishing anything. Read the sketch, and then answer the question below. No talking, no looking at your neighbor's paper, and spit out that gum!

"I hope you don't mind. You're having a visitor today," said Lacey, comfortably installing herself in her brother-in-law's favorite chair. "You're going to meet the love of your life."

Jonathan peered around the kitchen doorway, looking grumpy. "Since when did I ask you to look for the love of my life?"

"I wasn't looking. But my cousin Delaney is flying in today. I told her Chris was tending to your sick laptop so we'd be here, and gave her directions."

"This relates to my love life how?"

"When you see Delaney, you'll fall in love. Men always do. That's just what happens." She shot a glance at her husband, Jonathan's brother, who was bent over the laptop. "Even Chris is pretty starstruck when she's around. Aren't you, Chris?"

"If you think," Chris said, not looking up, "that I'm even going to pretend that I heard that question, you're wrong."

Jonathan came out carrying a tray of iced tea, which he served to Lacey and Chris before sitting down with his own. Lacey looked him over appraisingly. "I've wanted you and Delaney to meet for a while, anyway. You're a catch yourself. Good-looking, can cook, and even cleaned your apartment today."

"I have no interest in meeting your cousin."

"Well, I can't help that. She's coming in, like, ten minutes. You'll see how uninterested you are then."

"Don't sound so depressed about it. Are you jealous of her, Lacey? Oh, come on."

Lacey sighed. "I know, it's stupid. I'm perfectly happy with Chris..."

"Thank you," said Chris.

"... but still, I wouldn't mind knowing that there are a couple of guys who break out the hard liquor every year on my wedding anniversary. When Delaney marries, she'll singlehandedly push the whiskey market into a boom. Oh, stop sneering. I'm right. You'll see."

The doorbell rang, and Lacey jumped to her feet. But Jonathan, determined to show how unimpressed he was at the prospect of this modern-day Aphrodite, pushed her back in her chair. "I can answer my own door, thank you."

He walked confidently to the door and opened it wide. "Hello?" he said. And that was as far as he got.

A woman was standing on his doorstep. From the toes of her red vintage pumps to the silky lock of hair falling into her luminous eyes, she was beautiful. She smiled nervously at Jonathan. It was a dazzling smile. "Hi, I'm Delaney... Lacey's cousin? I really hope you're Jonathan."

"Yes, I'm Jonathan. Um, good to meet you... Delaney, did you say your name was?"

She smiled with relief. "Yes! I shouldn't have worried, of course. Lacey's directions are always right."

"Yes," Jonathan agreed, feeling a little dizzy. "Lacey is usually right."


Question: What does Delaney look like?